The Rapeseed Harvest

We have just completed the rapeseed harvest and the contractor sent along an exciting brand new combine harvester. 

Rapeseed Harvest

They tell us it’s only one of three in the country and it certainly did a magnificent job.  To most of our customers we are known as a livestock farm but of course, we do have the arable side.

Combine Harvester

The two combined make for efficient farming, clearly providing improved soil conditions for the arable crops while the livestock benefit from the by-products (straw etc). So, we like to consider ourselves as a sustainable mixed farm.

Combine Harvester 2

Interestingly, although we grow oilseed rape, which can be used for mayonnaise and cooking oils, we currently sell our rapeseed to the processors.  But we do have a relationship with Hillfarm who produce their own mayonnaise and rapeseed oils from their locally grown rapeseed and we offer this product to our customers along with our butchery products.