Our Livestock

We care deeply about our livestock and observe the highest possible standards of welfare throughout their life. Many of them are rare or heritage breeds and have their own special appeal and characteristics. They also provide the high quality meat that our customers find preferable to the mass-market products on supermarket shelves.


  • Highland

    Highland cattle, sometimes called Scottish Highland, are an attractive looking breed with distinctive long hair and horns, and they are generally smaller than the familiar Angus. The beef that comes from Highland cattle cooks well and has excellent flavour and tenderness.

  • Shetland (Official rare breed)

    Shetlands, with their distinctive upswept “Viking” horns, are docile creatures and their small size means they are easily managed. Traditionally a dairy breed, they also provide high quality beef with a wonderful flavour and texture.

  • Traditional Hereford (Official rare breed *)

    Much shorter legged than the modern Hereford, Traditional Herefords, with their familiar reddish brown colouring and white faces, are well known for their ability to convert grass into top quality meat, which is a particular favourite with our customers producing the roast beef or Old England.

*The traditional or original population Hereford became rare as many Herford breeders moved to the taller modern Hereford but we like to stick to the original breed that is now classed separately to the modern Hereford.


  • Poll Dorset

    This fertile, hardy and hornless variety produces lambs all year round so is excellent for continuity of supply. It also produces good eye muscle and has an outstanding lean meat-to-fat ratio that our customers appreciate. Poll Dorset meat is tender and very tasty.


  • Saddleback  (Official rare breed)

    The Saddleback is a heritage pig with a highly recognisable black body and white band around the saddle and front legs. They take longer to mature than more common varieties and their meat has a well-developed, deliciously creamy character.

  • British Lop   (Official rare breed)

    The British Lop, with its hourglass figure, floppy ears and long loin produces, fantastic pork chops, steaks, roasting joints, bacon and the most amazing crackling . It is particularly good for hams and long loins.