Down on the farm…

Intwood Farm Cattle

Our cows have been enjoying the sunny weather so much during the last few weeks. It’s been delightful to see. Daily, I tend to stroll the fields early every morning and during the evening, checking on all our amazing life stock. As I do so, I can’t help but admire these graceful cows and their adorable little calves. 

Recently, I’ve seen the cows taking a group stroll as they seemed to follow a beautiful little deer who kept looking over its shoulder as it walked slowly in front of the following herd. Then I saw all the cows sit down at the exact same moment when the sun reappeared from behind a cloud – as if they were about to sun bath and make the most of the British weather! 

And yesterday I saw all the happy calves hanging out together – lying on the grass in the middle of the massive front field, while their mothers stood further away, also in a group, under the lovely evening sunset rays. Just a beautiful site. 

It really is quite breathtaking seeing these majestic animals enjoying themselves. It really does make me appreciate the beauty of nature every single day and how lucky we all are here living on the farm. 

Enjoy your week everybody. Till next time.