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  • Beef Topside Roasting Joint
    Available as 1kg / 1.5kg / 2kg / 3kg...
  • Silverside Beef Joint
    Available as 1kg / 1.5kg / 2kg
  • Minced Beef
    Only the best beef is used in our mince
  • Boned and Rolled Sirloin
    This is a special order item, please call 01603...
  • Beef Burgers
    Made in our own butchery from our home reared...
  • £14.50
    Beef Short Ribs, cut as individual ribs. Perfect for...
  • Diced Braising Steak
    Delicious cubes of beef, perfect for pies & casseroles
  • Beef Brisket Roasting Joint
    Perfect for slow roasting or pot roasting Available as...
  • Fillet Tails for Stroganoff
    Perfect for your beef stroganoff recipe
  • Fillet Steak
    6oz (0.17kg) Fillet Steak home reared cattle
  • jumbo sausages
    Sausages made on the farm from locally reared pork
  • Flat Beef Brisket
    Available as 1kg / 1.5kg / 2kg  perfect for...
  • Spicy Jumbo Sausages on the BBQ
    Made at the farm from locally sourced pork
  • Beef Sausages
    Approximately 6 sausages per pack
  • Flat Iron Steak Scored

    Out of stock

    Flat Iron Steak from our home reared cattle
  • £109.90

    Out of stock

    A selection of our choicest lamb cuts