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  • Quarter a Home Reared New Season Lamb
    Quarter a Home Reared New Season Lamb
  • Lamb - Leg Joint
    Special Offer on Half leg joints
  • Lamb in Ras
    Get most of the ingredients for Rosy Darling's Lamb...
  • Merguez Sausages
    With stunning flavours of the Mediterranean.
  • Lamb Rack
    A Rack of Lamb from our Polled Dorset lambs
  • Lamb - Shoulder Joint
    Polled Dorset lamb from Intwood Farm
  • £99.00
    A full selection of our choicest lamb cuts
  • Lamb Rump

    Out of stock

    from our home reared Polled Dorset herd
  • Lamb and Mint Burger
    Intwood Farm Lamb and Mint Burger
  • Mrs Darlingtons Mint Jelly
    A lighter flavour than the more traditional mint sauce...
  • Mrs Darlingtons Mint Sauce
    Mrs Darlington’s mint sauce is not only perfect with...