And now…Bees!

A few weeks ago we were approached by a local beekeeper  who was looking to place some hives on the farm. After a little consideration we thought it would be a really good idea. The bees will love to forage on the bramble along the railway line and the flowering trees in the woods, not to mention the lucern and the clover in the pastures. Not only will the bees do a really good job pollinating the rape crop, but at the end of the season we may look to sell honey produced on our own Farm.

The bees are happy, we’re happy and the friendly beekeeper is happy so smiles all round. Of course we continue to sell the Honey produced from another friendly beekeeper from the next village of Swardeston which is absolutely delicious.

In the next couple of weeks the maize will be drilled for cattle feed and we will start clipping the sheep.