Magnificent marinating!

Magnificent marinating! Top Tips for marinating

Top Tips for marinating!

Tip No.1

Marinate overnight whenever possible for maximum flavour (unless stated otherwise in the recipe).

Tip No.2

Extra virgin olive oil is great, but you should never use it in marinades. It burns and smokes on contact with the barbecue. 

Use light olive oil, or vegetable oil instead and save the extra virgin bottles for your salads and sauces.

Tip No.3

Marinate in strong plastic bags, tied securely to prevent leakage when you turn them. Otherwise, always cover food tightly with clingfilm and use non-reactive containers such as glass, or stainless steel.

Tip No.4

Before placing on the barbecue grill, rub or shake off any excess marinade, particularly if there is any oil in it, to prevent burning or flaring and the consequent smoky bitter flavour.

Tip No.5

Never put cooked meat back onto the same dish you used for marinating. Always use a clean serving dish or plate.