Made in Norfolk!

Cavell Orchards Apple Juice 75cl


Cavell Orchards apple juice is made with 100% pure apple Juice from Cavell Orchards’ own orchard in Swardeston Norfolk, pressed, bottled and pasteurised for you to enjoy all the year round.

Cavell Orchards specialise in growing heritage and traditional Norfolk varieties of apples.

We are stocking five varieties:

Norfolk Beauty (Currently out of stock)

A good sweet sharp flavour

Norfolk Royal

A distinctive sweet and crisp apple with a delicate melon flavour. The orchard have advised us that the supply of this year’s Norfolk Royal is now finished. Once we have sold all stock you may wish to switch to Norfolk Summer Broadend which is very similar

Vicar of Beighton

A sweet juice from this old Norfolk variety with some slight acid undertones.

Heritage Blend

Full of flavour with a nice blend of sweetness and acidity

Foulden Pearmain

Sweet sharp with some richness of flavour

Norfolk Summer Broadend

Fruity and also very sharp

Bottles are 75cl


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