Norfolk Bronze Turkey Crown


Sorry, we are now out of stock of Turkey Rolls.

We supply Great Grove Turkeys from their traditional family run farm. They specialise in producing quality Award Winning Free Range Turkeys just for the Christmas market. Their Norfolk Turkeys are free to roam around their 35 acres of Norfolk woodland and grassland enhancing a stress free environment.

Using an aged old method of farming they allow their traditional Norfolk Turkeys plenty of time to grow to maturity giving a far superior quality bird with natural gamey flavours.

Great Grove Free Range Turkeys are slow growing and are reared to full maturity which is 24-27 weeks old this gives them a layer of fat to aid with the cooking to make the meat nice and juicy.

Everything is prepared on the farm, graded and game hung in large chillers (minimum 10 days) to make them exceptionally tender, adding all the natural flavours that this type of production depends on.

Please select the size you want below. Please note we are out of stock of the 3kg Crown. We must have your order by 12th December 2023. Turkeys will be available for collection or delivery between 21st December and the 23rd December 2023 inclusive. Please select your delivery date when you place your order.

Please note Turkeys are only available for Free Delivery in the NR 1 to 10, 13, 14, 16, 17,18, 19, 20 and NR29 – 34 areas  We cannot deliver Turkeys outside these areas even via courier.

If you are outside our delivery area you are welcome to use our click and collect facility.

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