Intwood Farm Burgers and everything you need for your BBQ

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  • Chinese chicken thighs bone-in
  • Smoky BBQ pork loin steak
  • Spicy Lemon Pork Loin Steak
  • Meaty Spare Ribs
  • Chicken drumsticks in barbecue sauce
  • Burgers
  • The Intwood Farm Boozy Burger Box
    Perfect for the BBQ - Beer & Burgers!
  • Beef Burgers
    Perfect for the BBQ - 20 Burgers!
  • Whiskey and Black Pepper Short Rib
    Absolutely delicious, ideal for slow cooking on the bbq
  • BBQ Meat Pack
    ideal for your family barbeque and includes some of...
  • Family BBQ Pack
    Includes family favourites expertly prepared by our butchers
  • Beef Burgers
    Made in our own butchery from our home reared...
  • Lamb and Mint Burger
    Intwood Farm Lamb and Mint Burger